the first step to systemizing your business

Why: Systems allow us to streamline the way we do things, speed up the process, and make sure nothing gets missed. 
- You will always be limited by your time unless you can learn to do things faster
- You will always be limited by your memory unless you can get things documented somewhere
- You will always be limited by yourself if you can’t create a repeatable system that you can someday delegate

1. Write out each task that you do when working with a client or on a project (just brain dump)
2. Put them in chronological order of when they need to be done
3. Write down all of your current clients or projects and check off where they are in the process (use the free download below to make this SUPER simple!)

You may be hearing a few key words floating around the business world these days. “Systems, Processes, Workflows.” You could be mastering these, wondering what the heck people mean, or at the edge of your seat ready to get them in place, but with no idea where to begin! 

I’m here to help! In this video I’m breaking down why you need a system and how to get started at the very beginning!

Baby steps to diving in & a free download workflow chart


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