Understanding how your spend your time

- Accurately charge your cost per hour on projects
- Identify bottleneck tasks that are taking up way too much time
- Clearly see areas where you are wasting time
- Reality check on if you are spending time on priorities (sleeping, working out, spending time with your family, etc) 

- Mark up a piece of paper (or use our free download!) to indicate each hour of the day and keep it by you throughout your day
- Jot down what you are doing or working on each and every hour (either just during work or all day)
- Do this for several weeks for a more accurate picture

Do you know how you spend your time? Not just a guess or estimate ACTUALLY KNOW. 

I’m here to convince you that time logging is a must do habit in business. It will help you understand where your time is going, how much you should be charging, and if your priorities are actually being treated as such. 

the importance of time logging and our free downloadable tracker

Ask yourself:
- How many hours am I working on average per week? Is this more or less than I would like to be?
- What tasks are taking up way too long? How can I simplify them?
- How much time did I waste?
- What am I not prioritizing with my time? How can I make room for it? 

Download our free time logging worksheet! The exact one I have used to log my time for the last few years! Print out several copies at once and keep them on your desk! 

Remember: How you spend your time is how you spend your life! Use it wisely!

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